Darryl Griffioen, November 6 2018

4 [simple] ways to use your 3D tour

There are almost an unlimited ways you can use your tour...but here are 4 popular ways to get eyes on your new 3D tour!

So you've just received an email from us with all of the links to the 3D tour for your new are you going to use these links? 

1. Platform

This is probably an obvious suggestion, but it is worth noting. has recently updated their platform in such a way it puts the 3D tour front and center when people are viewing on a web browser. 

As you can see above, it is hard to miss this the 3D tour! On Realtor you seem to only be able to put one type of media, so if you also got a listing video from us, the 3D tour is the best to put here as you can access the full video in a mattertag! (more info on these in a later post!)