Frequently Asked Questions.

A collection of commonly asked questions. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions!

  • How can I book your services for my listing?

    We have several easy options for you to book our services for your listing!

    1) Book Online with our Client Portal!

    Our Client Portal allows you to book, manage & pay for your listings all from one spot! On site and want to book a shoot with your clients right away? You can view our calendar and book right on the spot! *If a time slot is not available, please give us a call and we can see if we can find something that works for everyone!

    2) Email Us!

    Feel free to send us an email with the details of your listing and your ideal timeframe and we'll get back to you and when we agree on the details of services and timeline, we'll send you a booking confirmation!

    3) Give us a Call!

    Prefer to speak to a human? Give us a call with the details of the listing and we'll have a look at our availability and send off a booking confirmation!

  • Are you available to shoot on weekends or holidays?

    We are closed Saturday & Sundays as well as all statutory holidays within Ontario.

    If you have a weekend request, please send it through and we are happy to see if anyone on our team is available to accommodate the request. A weekend surcharge will apply.

  • What is your standard delivery timeline?

    We understand that it is important to get your listing up as soon as possible, and you want to do so with your best foot forward...a.k.a. all of the professional content.

    Below you will find our standard approximate turn-around times. Whenever possible we try to exceed these!

    Please review our standard delivery timelines below. Actual may vary +/-

    Once all of your content has been processed, you will receive an email that your content is completed and available in your client portal. Please plan your listing date accordingly.

    Photos: End of next business day, 11:59PM

    3D Tour/Floorplans: End of next business day, 11:59PM

    Listing Videos: End of second business day, 11:59PM

    Works Package: End of second business day, 11:59PM

    *Weekends are not included in delivery timelines*

  • How will I receive the content when it is complete?

    All of your content will be available on your client portal! When you receive the booking confirmation, you can check the status of your project there. Once the content is completed, you will receive an email and/or text message that your content is completed!

  • How do I pay for my appointment?

    Payment is due upon delivery of your content and the invoice is available right in your client portal!

    We accept most major credit cards (unfortunately we do not accept Amex)

    To avoid credit card fees, please consider e-transfer by sending the amount due to [email protected] and reference the address of the listing and any other details we should know to properly match the payment.

    Late fees will apply on any outstanding invoices. Your prompt payment is appreciated!

  • Do you offer discounts?

    We offer bundles and packages where we include great discounts for combining multiple products! We do not offer discounts otherwise.

  • What if there is bad weather?

    We wish we could control the weather! How great would that be?!

    We will shoot in most weather. Of course we get the best results on sunny days, but that isn't always possible.

    The decision is ultimately up to you and your client. We are happy to reschedule, however sometimes that means waiting a few days longer than you planned to get your listing up. There are also fees associated with coming back to the listing*

    If it is time-sensitive, we recommend leaving your appointment as is.

    *Note: Aerial services are subject to weather as we cannot fly in any bad weather, including high winds, light rain or snow, or other storms. We reserve the right to make a judgement call to not complete aerial services if we believe that the weather could put ourselves or our equipment in danger.

    What can we do to make the photos look great? We offer blue sky replacements on photos where there was grey sky. *Not available for video

  • How long will I have access to my listing's content?

    Your content will be available in your portal for when you need it. 3D tours are only hosted while the listing is active and until the property is sold at which point the tour will be archived. If you are re-listing and find your tour links are no longer active, please send us a message and we will reactivate them again.

  • Do I own the content you create for my listing?

    Short answer - no.

    Photographers are artists and therefore they are the default owner of the copyright for all content they create. This is according to the Canadian Copyright Act.  Click here for more information.

    We extend a limited non-transferable usage license to you to use the photos/video/tours for the purpose of marketing your listing while it is on the market.

    This limited usage, non-transferable, non-exclusive license allows you to use the photos for digital and print marketing to promote your listing while it is active. We also allow you to use this content to promote your business in order to gain new clients.

    Photos and other content may not be shared with any third party (stagers, builders, interior designers, architects, etc.) for commercial purposes. Should a third party inquire about using the photos, please refer them to contact us to purchase a license based on their intended usage of the content.

    Photos and other content may not be shared with any other agent if they are taking over your listing unless given express permission from OneLook Productions Inc. There is a relicensing fee for this scenario.

  • If I lose the listing and someone else takes it over, can I recoup my cost by selling them the content?

    The answer to this is also no.

    You may not sell or give our content to other agents if you decide to transfer the listing or another agent approaches you to purchase the photos if they are listing it with the new owners.

    If you have a colleague interested in using our content, please give them our contact information and they can purchase a license from us to use the content.

    Can I give the content to the homeowners?

    We do allow you to give the homeowners these photos to hold on to as sentimental value, however, they are also not to sell them or use them for any commercial purposes.

  • Do you charge travel fees?

    While we have a fairly large service area with no fees, more rural areas will be subject to a small travel fee to accommodate the additional travel time and fuel costs. This fee varies and we can confirm the exact cost upon booking.

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